Botanical Inspiration: A Friend's Gift Comes Alive.

 With roses, lemon balm and lime branches, all from our garden, I put together a free form flower arrangement in a vessel given to me by a dear friend.   Take a look at how it took shape and read a few tips below on creating your very own composition.

5 tips on creating your own free form botanical arrangement:

1.  Use seasonal foliage/flowers.

2. Pick both flowers in full bloom and some that are just budding.

3.  Leave a fair amount of foliage on the stems.

4.  Incorporate berries, fruits and/or branches.

5.  Let the petals fall freely around the vessel.

I like to place bouquets in not-so-obvious places, like bathrooms, kitchen counters and childrens' rooms.

Thank you EVB for the lovely vase!

P.S.:  I will be unplugged for a few days during our first California camping trip with our children.  YAY!!!