Hello, California! 7 Things To Do Soon After Our Arrival.

Although I was not able to complete my Farewell, New England list, there will be plenty of time ahead to work on my California one.  Take a look at a few of the things I would like the family to do soon after we are all reunited and settled in:

1.  Walk the Strybing Arboretum.  I volunteered at it when we lived in SF 18 years ago and I would love to show the children its vast plant materials and microclimates which make it so unique.

2. Eat pizza at The Cheese Board.  The kids are worried that there isn't any good pizza in California.  I want to prove them otherwise.

3.  Cocktails in our courtyard (hope this happens upon arrival!).   This one will continue to happen, over and over again....

4. Take the kids to the Presidio, where the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean can be seen, felt and heard.

5. Soak in hot springs.  One of my favorite places happens to be Wilbur, but there are so many others...can't wait to try them all.

6. Drive down Route 1 to Big Sur.  Not only do elephant seals abound and the kids are so excited to see them, but it's simply a magical place.

7.  Reconnect with our West Coast friends and make new ones.

There are so many things I'm eager for our children to do and see, but most importantly, I want us all to feel like we are home.

My next post will be from California!!!