Out And About: Yayla Tribal Rugs

In search of floor coverings  for our California house, my husband and I dropped in at Yayla Tribal Rugs to go through piles of  colorfully patterned and intricately detailed carpets in hopes to find the ones destined to make the trip West with us.  A very patient and knowledgeable sales team (with some really strong arms), provides the potential buyers with lessons in history, craftsmanship and philanthropy.  Take a look at some of our favorites and stay posted for the rug reveal, when the two we picked take center stage.

Can anyone guess which two are coming to California with us?!

Below are photos taken by Cambridge photographer Kristen Emack.  It just so happened that she was snapping shots of rugs at Yayla the same week we were shopping for some.  Thank you, Kristen, for sharing your artful images with Cocoon Home.