'Til Monday: A Weekend To Remember.

Today marks the first weekend of summer and the last weekend spent in our Cambridge home. With just a few days left before the movers arrive, we have lots to get done, but what we want most is to enjoy the time left with friends and with the house that has meant so much to us.  I'll continue to organize and pack for the month of travel ahead still hoping to cross off a few more items on my Farewell, New England list.   Time has been flying by, and I now feel the list may not see completion, and strangely enough, I'm fine with that.   I don't want to force our experiences,  but rather take happenstances that arrive our way with an open heart.   Like the one captured above in Cape Cod, a short trip the kids and I took during the week.   We set fish traps, drove on the beach and chased many a wave;  we lived a quintessential cape experience.

Many thanks to GM for a sharing her home and her love for the cape with us!

Tomorrow we're surprising the kids with another consummate New England experience.  Venture a guess on what it is?