House Hunting: Urban Or Suburban?

After finding out that this house was virtually inaccessible by a small rental car (let alone a mini van), my husband and I continued the search for an East Bay home.  Having spent 4 days combing the steep winding roads of the Berkeley Hills and the wide tree lined roads of Orinda and Lafayette, I'm conflicted on whether we should continue living in a urban situation similar to ours now, or to take that seemingly inevitable plunge and head out to the suburbs [!!].  We found  two great houses:  one urban, one suburban.  Each mid-century designed, one smaller , one larger.   One with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the other with a large private yard.  Take a peek at the urban dwelling we're considering, and later in the week I'll show you its suburban equivalent.

Are you currently living in an urban environment and if so, would YOU consider moving to the suburbs?