Botanical Inspiration: Bonsai

This week's botanical inspiration is the Bonsai.  A recent trip to Bonsai West in Littleton, Ma. turned out to be both visually and mentally inspiring.   A multitude of young and very old bonsai trees of all varieties and zone preferences fill a series of greenhouses (we visited in early March).  The miniature trees take one's breath away and can be studied and admired for hours upon hours.  There's so much to appreciate about the art of Bonsai, the disciplined  root trimming, the constant pruning and limb training and, particularly, the micro gardens that sprout at the base of the shallow pots (which I absolutely adore).

 The trip to Bonsai West was triggered by a pinboard we put together for a client in an effort to add warmth, texture and points of interest to their living/office area.   To see it click here and stay posted for photos of the bonsai tree we selected for their space.